Lana Del Rey – “National Anthem (Das Racist Remix)”

How To Dress Well – “Cold Nites”

Murky R&B mutater How To Dress Well announced the impending release of his sophomore album Total Lossa couple of months ago, and we posted the excellent first single “Ocean Floor For Everything.” And now we’ve got another track in the form of the spacious, roiling “Cold Nites.” Listen to it below.


Omar Basaad releases world’s first Arabic dubstep track

JEDDAH — Saudi electronic music producer Omar Basaad returns with the resurrection of his single “Nehaytna Eh” in the first official Arabic dubstep worldwide release on Monday (July 2). Featuring Hanna and Hugeative, the composition is set to take over the charts on Beatport, the world’s largest electronic dance music community and online store, as the first Arabic dubstep single.

Basaad’s transcendental visions have been realized with the abstract infusion of dubstep, empowering synthesis of electric echoes of erotic Arabian beats. The intermix has derived influences from heavy basslines of dubstep laden with complex additive synthesis.

Talking about his release, Basaad told Saudi Gazette that he is very excited to introduce dubstep to the Middle East. “Electronica music is taking over the world.”

He said many people listen to dubstep in the region so he decided to introduce the Arabic element to the world and vice versa. “I decided to introduce it with Arabic vocals to the world. So I thought of recreating one of my old hits and infusing it with dubstep. You can call it a reincarnation of a hit. It gives you a chance to explore the power of dubstep.”

“Nehaytna Eh” undergoes a transition from progressive Arabian electronica to the subgenre of dubstep. The track evinces Mediterranean power with its mythical standard of perfection and is shaded by the dark elements of dub.

“I am just proud to be the first Saudi to be representing EDM (electronic dance music) all across the world,” Basaad said.

Listeners can subscribe to his podcast “Hypertension” on iTunes and follow him on Twitter@omarbasaad.

Hypertension 22. itunes.

Omar Basaad.

Coachella SS 2012

The rumored Coachella cruise is on, scheduled for two voyages — a three-day trip aboard the Celebrity Silhouette to the Bahamas and a four-day trip to Jamaica (both cruises will leave from Fort Lauderdale). The lineup features Pulp, Hot Chip, Sleigh Bells, James Murphy, Girl Talk, Yeasayer, Grimes, Cloud Nothings and more, as well as a few others that haven’t been announced yet. Cabin prices start at $500 per person, which includes lodging, food, and entertainment. You gotta be 21+ to go. The cruise has an official Twitter feed,@sscoachella, so stay posted there and for updates as they come. Poster’s up top.